7 Proofs that you are not a Pack Leader

7 Proofs that you are not a Pack Leader

Living a life with dog is one of the best experiences in life, but if you want to have a successful relationship with your dog, you have to become a pack leader.

When the puppy is born, they look to their Mother for training and guidance. But when they are adopted by you and your family, you have to become the Pack leader in order to set boundaries and laws with your dog to lead a balanced and happy life together.

Don’t hesitate if you are new to this or has not reached at this position yet. You can learn the skills necessary to set up yourself as a Pack Leader. You only have to identify your weak spots.

You need to change yourself and become a leader instead of a follower if you can answer the following questions.

Are you awaken by your dog?

Getting awake by your dog means that your dog don’t take you for a boss. In order to tackle the situation, you are required to change your dog’s habits to make him realize that you have to make him get up not he should wake you. Ignore your dog if he tries to wake you up and when he finally display this change, payoff him with a treat and affection.

You reward the dog at the wrong time?

You should not pet your dog at the time when he misbehaves or do something wrong like having an accident. This act of love encourage the very wrong behavior performed by your dog that you don’t want.

Does your dog move into rooms ahead of you?

Dogs have the inborn pattern of behavior that is they know that the Pack Leader has control and he always leads the way, so you have to be the first one entering exiting the rooms first.

Before feeding yourself, do you feed your dog?

Mother of a dog makes her children wait until she begins to eat. So dogs have an instinct to know that the Pack Leader eats initially. So this should be the case when you are a leader of the Pack. So eat first then feed your dog.

Is your dog jumping on you?

One of the signs to show “who’s the boss” by a dog is to jump at you. This means when he jumps at you he is proving his Leadership on you. You should let your dog know that jumping is not tolerated instead of jumping yourself on him!

Does your dog don’t listen to you?

If you haven’t tried to train your dog the basic instructions of obedience then you are not acting as a Pack Leader. Practice on teaching your dog to evaluate yourself as a Pack Leader.

Are you pulled by your dog on walk?

dog on walk

This is the most crucial sign that you are definitely not the Pack Leader. If you don’t walk with your dog on a daily basis, it is difficult to establish a healthy relationship and make yourself a Pack Leader.

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