Becoming A Dog Trainer

Becoming A Dog Trainer

Are you thinking about becoming a dog trainer?  If you are a lover of dogs then the thought has probably entered your mind, especially if you have successfully trained young dogs of your own.

Becoming a dog trainer can be one of the most rewarding jobs that you could possibly find if you have an affinity for the canine species.  If you long to become a professional dog trainer, there are a few things you need to understand about becoming a dog trainer.

The number one thing you need to have for a career in dog training is patience – and dealing with dogs will not be the only time you need it.  Hiring a dog trainer is considered a ‘luxury’ so your potential marketplace would not be as big as if you were selling dog food, or dog leashes.

Not all dog owners feel the need to hire a professional dog trainer the way every dog owner ‘needs’ to have a leash.  So unless you have the chance to go into business with someone who is already established, you will have to expect to devote some time to building a name for yourself in the dog training world.

Number two on the list of things you need to do is find a dog trainer certification program to give yourself some credibility.  Dog trainers command big $$$ and the people spending that money want to know that you have had some recognized training.

Without that proper training, most people will say to themselves, “If he or she can train a dog from a book in a bookstore, so can I.”

So get the certification that is needed, and aquire a business license.  It is of the upmost importance that your potential clients have confidence in your skills and abilities.

Licenses and certificates hanging up in your office make a pretty good impression even if people do not look at them closely (and some people will).

Number three on the list and what is probably “thee” most important thing to understand when thinking about becoming a dog trainer is how you are going to market your services.  You won’t want to be prejudiced but stastics show that the people who hire a dog trainer fall into a certain group and you need to attract those people.

Your market is going to be made up of the middle and upper middle classes.  They will live in nice neighborhoods with home values somewhat above the avg. for your area.

Your clients will more than likely buy their pets as puppies from breeders, and they will make regular trips to the vet.  There is a good chance that they carry pet health insurance.  They may have their pets groomed and some will attend dog shows.

Once you understand who they are, you can now network with these other complementing businesses (vets,breeders,dog shows,dog groomers) to have your dog training services offered to their customers.

The dog training profession is a rewarding career and can be very lucrative.  Having the opportunity to do the thing you love and make money while doing it is everybody’s dream, and it is quite possible to achieve if you are a dog lover.

A dog training career is within your reach with some simple knowledge and planning about becoming a dog trainer..

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