Can Dogs have allergy as well

Can Dogs have allergy as well?

Unfortunately, many animals can have seasonal allergy especially your lovely canine companion. Usually, Start of the Autumn season is the beginning of the allergic season.

dogs have very sensitive skin. As their skin is only half as thick as human skin, they are liable to environmental allergies. When humans catch allergies, we have blocked nose, hayfever, runny eyes and signs in our upper airways.

Dogs, on the other hand, show distinct behavior when they have allergies. No matter if they are allergic to a certain diet, or perhaps fleas or pollens, they always are itchy, in fact very itchy. The only sign dogs show to represent discomfort is to scratch a lot or lick their feet.

Contract Allergies

Dogs who are allergic to grass lick their feet and have redness on their tummy because it is where they contact the surface they are allergic to. Contact allergy can get even worse when there is an excessive amount of rain and sunshine. Keep your dog off the grass for two weeks if you suspect your dog to have this kind of allergy and your dog will begin to get rid of this allergy if there is no skin infection present.

Flea Allergies

Flea bite allergy is the most common type of allergy found in dogs. This kind of allergy occurs mainly in the warmer months of the year because fleas increase in quantity in that part of the year.

Flea injects saliva into the skin of your dog while it is feeding itself through the sting. Flea allergy is so effective that one sting can leave your dog itching for 2 weeks.

Allergy by Food

An interesting fact is that Food allergy may not cause diarrhoea or a stomach upset necessarily.  Your dog may only lick his paws or get itchy. Dogs do not tend to develop grain or gluten allergies. They can get allergic to meat such as beef, lamb, or chicken. This allergy takes some time to develop meaning your dog can eat it over a long period of time without showing any symptoms.

If your veterinarian figures out that your dog is having a food allergy, A diet trial of at least eight weeks is prescribed by your vet which involves some prescribed diets for your dog.

Atopic Dermatitis

This allergy is the hard to diagnose and treat kind of allergy for dogs. This term is basically a cover up for all other things that can cause your dog to lick his feet or cause itching. Treatment of atopic dermatitis often requires a combination of

Treatment of atopic dermatitis often requires a combination of trial-and-error and solutions. Immunotherapy, allergy blood testing can be used to make treat your pet and to desensitise him. Different kind of medications like antihistamines, prednisone, and cyclosporine can assist to treat allergy. Washing  your dog weekly in Aloveen and antihistamines mixture can also prove to be useful but it only works for some kind of dogs.

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