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Training Yorkies is a tedious task because they can be a little stubborn at times and very resistive when you are trying to train them. You have to follow some guidelines if you wish to successfully train your terrier or dog in general.

Like every training schedule, be it human or otherwise – a consistent and regular approach is necessary for completing it successfully. Similarly, work with your dog everyday because their attention span and memory is short.

Yorkies are great companions but they love to bark which is troublesome to their owners and neighbors, too. The best time to teach them anything is between 5 to 12 months of age. Talk to them in a strong tone when they do something that is not acceptable so that next time they will recognize from your tone that they have offended you.

Take your Yorkie for a daily walk for at least half an hour or so and spend some time playing with him or her at home, too. This is a method of exercise for them and most of their energy is used in play, so they tend to bark less. Train your Yorkie so that she knows when to bark and when not to. You can also try using some dog toys to keep her from barking all the time. Because toys will keep her busy and involved, she will refrain from barking automatically.

Teaching her one thing at a time will help her to get the hang of it. Do not move to the next lesson before making sure that the first one was well practiced and the Yorkie is thoroughly versed in it.

While training Yorkies, make sure it’s just you in her vicinity. Generally, they tend to get distracted by other animals or human beings in the house. Yorkies are very fond of treats. So whenever they follow your command during training sessions, give them a treat so that they feel appreciated. Being appreciated and getting a reward is always very motivating.

They are not human and thus might not understand a slight difference in our commands. It is better to use exact commands every time. Keep it simple and clear and avoid confusing your Yorkie.

Training Yorkies to potty where you want them to takes considerable time and effort. Take her out when she wakes up in the morning or after a meal. Be a little patient, if she does it inside the house. Next time be aware and take her out numerous times a day. Again praise and give her treats when she potties outside. Just a little effort every day will turn them into an obedient companion.

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