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In theory, it sounds so easy… Your puppy come to your feet as soon as you call him then you greet him and that should be it. However, in reality, training puppy is not that simple unless you know how to do it right For a lot of people though, it all goes round and round and we wind up chasing our puppies and dogs all over the park, shouting their names while chasing them. Sometimes the only idea you realize would work to get your running dog back to you is go in the car and start the engine or wait for your dog until he gets tired and wants to go home.

It’s is a piece of cake to train a dog to come each time he or she is called. The good news is that anyone can do it. But of course, like everything else, you need to learn the secrets to success.

Don’t Chase Your Puppy!

You might think that I may have misspelled up there but that is right. This is the last thing you should do if your puppy does not come back.

Sounds easy-peasy but a lot of people do it. Basically, it goes like this. You move closer to them calling them out with their names if they do not accept your call the first time.

And this is the major Mistake! Now you are in pursuit of your puppy. Believe me, it happens that quickly.

A while ago you were training your puppy to come and now you end up chasing them.

So what choices you got. Well, the first and foremost thing you can do is keeping your puppy on a long line till the time you are sure that they will return. That is it! Pretty simple, correct? If your dog will not come back after you call them then you should not let them go at first hand.

The second choice you got is to learn how to walk away or turn from your puppy and call them back so that they chase you afterward!

This is demonstrated at its best by Doggy Dan in the video shown right below during an ongoing puppy class in the park.

Making your puppy chase you is very simple when you know how to do it… as you can watch the video above, it really works. No shouting, no chasing, and the puppy come back running.

Unfortunately, very few dog trainers show these steps at puppy class. However, Doggy Dan’s website reveals everything you need to know regarding raising the perfect dog.

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In fact, Doggy Dan has a video diary of a 1-year-old dog named Moses from 8 weeks of age demonstrating exactly how to train him. In addition as a treat, Dan gives you a trial to his website for 3 days for only $1 !

Raising a puppy is not very hard when you know how to master it. If you are truly looking forward to train your dog and stop unwanted behaviors then I recommend this…

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Training your dog can be a worthwhile endeavor but before you start, there are some things you need to know in order to make training easier and more pleasant for both you and your dog.

The very most important thing you must always remember is that you are the boss!   By nature dogs are pack animals and adhere to a strict hierarchy with every pack having a “leader”.

In order to train your dog properly (and easily), you need to establish yourself as the leader early on in your relationship.

Some dogs may be more aggressive than others, some more dominant, some more easy going but no matter what your dogs personality, you must be firm in your commands.

Don’t let your dog get the upper hand or he will start to think that he is the leader.  Now, I don’t mean that you need to be physically abusive to your dog – far from it.  You need to show your leader ship with your actions.

Another thing to consider is that while your dog understands you at about the same level as a two year old, he is not a human.  In fact, your dog has many differences from humans that cause him to interpret your commands and act much differently than a 2 year old child would.  So, do not expect him to behave like your 2 year old during training.

When training your dog, you need to be consistent.  Set aside about 45 minutes or a half hour every day to work on training.  You can start training your dog as young as you want but don’t be discouraged if you have an older pet as training can be done at any age.

You want to start training your dog with the basics.  The sit command is a good place to start as getting your dog to sit is the basis for many other commands.  Work on this one command every day until your dog has it down cold, then move on to the next command.

During training, you want to be firm.  Always use the same word for each command and say the word clearly.  Never punish your dog when he does not do what you want but, instead, use positive reinforcement when he DOES do what you want.

Punishing or scolding will only confuse your dog so have patience when he is not behaving the way you want – the best thing to do is ignore him and he will soon learn that he only gets the reward when he performs the desired action.

Try to work on training every day at first.  As your dog learns more and more commands, you can slack off a bit, but training should always be a part of your relationship with your dog.

It can be fun and rewarding for both of you to keep learning new behaviors and taking the training to the next level.

Dog training is a task that takes, consistence, persistence and patience but your efforts will be well rewarded with a well behaved dog as well as a stronger bond with your 4 legged friend.

Training your dog properly insured not only his safety, but the safety of those around him and it can also be a lot of fun for both you and your dog!

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