Crate Dog Training Basics

Crate Dog Training Basics

To your dog, the crate is going to sometimes be similar to his/her personal unique home within your home. Some sort of secure location, his own personal den if you will, in which the k-9 will be able to go to just about anytime he desires to feel safe.

A number of individuals believe that placing your dog inside some sort of crate can be inappropriate. However it is only inappropriate should you perform it in an abusive way such as abandoning your furry friend in there for an extended period of time. In reality, crate dog training, if done correctly offers several benefits for both you and your furry friend and ought to be one thing that a person integrates into your dog training plans.

Even though a number of dogs may take to a crate right away, some could possibly end up being a little leery of this peculiar object in which you desire them to move into. The most essential point about crate dog training is going to be that a person should by no means force the k-9 inside the crate.

Rather, you need to make the dog desire to go into it of their own volition. When carried out correctly, you should discover that the dog in fact enjoys the crate and goes there on their own to rest as well as just “getting away from it all”.

Introducing The Crate To The Dog

The introduction of the crate to the dog is always going to be one of the very first things that you will always need to perform. Take one of their treasured playthings as well as a treat and “strategically place them” by the crate so that he simply gets used to the crate being in the room.

Play with him near the crate, repeating this for several days. You should start off with the crate in the spot you want to keep it in and this should be somewhere that is away from the traffic areas of the home but in a room that the family spends time in. You don’t want your pet to feel isolated and lonely in a crate that is way off somewhere where no one ever goes!

Getting Fido Into The Crate

For the next step, you will want to get the dog to get into the crate on his own. One method of doing this is to “bribe” him by putting his all time favorite treat or a toy inside. Try to avoid putting it too far in to begin with, just enough so that he has to put his head in to reach it.

You are probably going to find that he will poke his head in just a little ways and then pulls it right back out. That’s alright, just be sure to give him a pet and a little bit of praise so he feels good about the whole thing.

You will want to perform this exercise every day, gradually putting the treat or toy in further and further. You may also want to be sure that you have a very comfortable doggy bed in there just in case Spot wants to try it out and take a little nap.

It is just a matter of time before your dog will become used to going into the crate. When you observe him in there, sit yourself down beside the crate and pet your dog while he is inside. This is going to let him know that being in the crate is a “good thing”. Always make a point to keep the door wide open at this point.

Getting Them To Stay In The Crate

Continue to repeat the above steps while trying to get your dog to spend more and more time in the crate. When he appears to be quite comfortable with it, slowly close the door but don’t latch it. Leave it un-locked so that he can nose his way out should he begin to feel to uncomfortable.

Ultimately, your four – legged friend is going to come to appreciate their crate and is likely to retreat to that place when he is feeling insecure as well as to get to sleep.

Whenever a person is going to shut the door, be certain you offer your pet some clean drinking water. For no reason whatsoever abandon the dog locked inside the crate for prolonged amounts of time.

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