Do bark collars work

Do bark collars work?

This issue cannot be resolved with the blink of an eye and it requires the concentration of dog owners in trying to identify what your dog is barking at and why is he doing so. The best thing to do in this situation is to deal with separation anxiety, train your dog to go quiet at the command, and reward his quiet good behavior.

you need to know the reason behind his barking before go out in the market and look for tools to make his barking stop. your pet may be barking at people walking past him,during play, for regaining attention, because of boredom or separation anxiety.

If you have finally decided to put on a collar than keep in mind you are doing this to punish his behavior and are unable to figure out what is the reason for your dog’s barking. If your dog is barking due to a fear or anxiety, doing this can prove to be problematic. Using a collar on such kind of dog will prevent him to bark when a burglar enters your house or when he barks happily like while he is playing.

The official declaration of the Royal Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals is that using a barking collar is detrimental, ineffective, and causes distress to animals. The method preferred to use barking collars is to use it for positive reinforcement not for punishing your dog to correct his behavior. Dogs wearing barking collars and receiving unpleasant spray or shocks have higher stress level than control groups.

Do Bark Collars Work?

A satisfactory answer to this is that they work sometimes. Dogs bark in order to communicate different things so it may or may not work depending on the temperament of your dog and the situation in which you are using it.

The majority of dogs will ignore the collar and keep on barking. Dogs that are found to be fearful or anxious are also less responsive to punishment and they often become more anxious when being punished. Meaning it is useless to use a barking collar if your dog is barking due to a fear or an anxiety.

Types of bark collars

There are a variety of barking collars available. Some spray unpleasant citronella gas, while others produce an electric shock or emit an ultrasonic noise which is audible to dogs in response to a bark. Shock collars are mostly restricted around the world, but it is allowed in some places to use them.

Mechanism of Bark collar

Bark collars usually have a microphone a vibration detector that detects noise. Afterwards, it causes a shock,irritating noise, or sprays citronella. What this basically means is that it can even trigger sometimes when your dog is not even barking.

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