Dog Breeding Tips For Beginners

Dog Breeding Tips For Beginners

There are several books on the market under the topic of dog breeding for beginners. The problem with many of these books is that they do not give you a full understanding of what is required out of you as a person to start dog breeding.

While many of the dog breeding for beginners books are very good at explaining a lot of the technical information you will need to start off dog breeding, they do not tell you what exactly you should consider before you start.

Many people do not realize how much time it takes to breed dogs. Puppies grow up fast but during their growth periods they require a lot of attention. Before attempting to breed dogs you should think about all of the vet visits, clean up, and care that puppies need.

Jumping into dog breeding is a learning process. You must be willing to learn all about the breed and the growth cycle of puppies before starting the process. The best way to start to learn about how to breed dogs is by reading everything you can on the subject.

Often times when people come to me for advice about dog breeding for beginners, I tell them they should buy a day planner. As they learn they should write down notes in their day planner as if they were taking care of a litter of pups day by day. This is helpful also for in the feature as a reference of shots and care.

You should also consider how much space you have before deciding to breed dogs. Most people think that you only need a small place in which to set up a play pen for mothers and pups. This is untrue. When the play pen needs to be cleaned you will need to have some place to put the pups. You will not want dirty pups running all over your home.

You will also need space for the pups to play in when they get older. In most parts of the United States, puppies can not play outside unattended. This is in part due to the large predator birds as well as animals that can stalk your puppies. The best idea is to have a large caged area outside which has a roof on it. This will keep mother and pups safe during play time.

While breeding dogs for beginners can seem very lucrative, you must also consider the upfront costs. Vet bills can become quite high. Often times breeders learn to administer vaccinations on their own. This is not extremely hard to do and can save you money. It is not recommended that a beginning breeder attempt this. Beginning breeders should be taking their pups to the vet regularly. Vets can usually spot problems in pups long before a beginning breeder can.

There are many great websites which will give you a wealth of information on dog breeding for beginners.

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