Dog Fleas

Dog Fleas

Dog fleas are a pesky nuisance. Any time your dog has them, not only do they annoy your pet and make her scratch constantly, they also infest the whole house, it seems.

You can easily tell when your dog has fleas. She will scratch furiously, over and over. It is important to check that there are no signs of other parasites such mange. Mange results in red skin patches and loss of hair.

Some people seem to be particularly attractive for fleas, mosquitoes and other biting insects. If you have a person like that in the house, they may know that the dog has a problem before you even notice the dog scratching.

Of course there are plenty of commercial products to get rid of dog fleas, but these are often chemical insecticides that you may not want to use on your pet or in your house. So what is the solution?

Fortunately there are some natural treatments for dog fleas. The traditional flea comb is one of them. It will get rid of a certain number of adult fleas by simply combing them out of the dog’s hair. Most dogs enjoy being combed, but be sure to do it outside or the parasites will just stay in the house and jump right back onto the dog.

Regular flea collars are to be avoided because of the harsh chemicals that they contain, but you can find all natural versions of a flea collar. Alternatively, rub a couple drops of essential oil of eucalyptus and rosemary onto a regular canvas or fabric covered collar. This will not work so well on bare leather. Watch that the dog does not chew the collar, because essential oils are strong and can burn the tissues of the mouth.

You can also get natural flea powder from many sources. Try asking in your local pet supplies store or health store, or order online. These natural dog flea treatments are usually made up of plant extracts including eucalyptus, fennel, rosemary and wormwood.

To prevent further infestations, try giving your dog garlic regularly in his food. The smell will keep parasites away. Brewer’s yeast is another natural food that has the same effect, so you can try this if your dog will not eat garlic.

At the same time as you are getting rid of fleas on your dog, it is important also to treat the house. Fleas will lay eggs and hide out in all kinds of soft furnishings including your sofas, rugs and beds.

For the house, be sure to get something that will not harm children or other pets. Usually the flea powder that you use on your dog can be sprinkled onto furnishings too, but try a spot test to be sure that it does not discolor fabric. You will need to treat furniture and mattresses, and wash sheets. Repeat the treatment twice more, every 2-3 days, to deal with any eggs that were left. You should find this is an effective way to get rid of dog fleasnaturally.

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