Dog training issues

Dog training issues

Many dog owners are plagued with all manner of dog training problems. They might find that they’ve taken their puppy to training classes, but their beloved pooch still misbehaves and won’t do as he’s told.

There are people who immediately believe their dog is dumb and can’t be trained, or they give up and believe they’re always going to have an unruly dog. Unfortunately, there are also people who try to dominate their dog the wrong way and hit, smack or yell at the dog when it’s doing something inappropriate. Each of these responses is almost guaranteed to make your dog worse.

The reality is, dog training problems are simply a communication error between you and your dog.

In order to successfully train any dog, it’s important for the owner to understand a little about how your dog thinks. When you work to encourage their natural behaviors and curb some of the less acceptable behaviors, you need to remember that dogs don’t understand the words you say.

They perceive rewards and punishment in your body language and the tone of voice you use – and occasionally the treats you hand over as a reward for a job well-done.

Here are some of the biggest reasons for dog training problems.

Lack of Confidence

Many dog training problems stem from a lack of confidence. This could be the owner lacking on confidence on how to command a dog properly or it could be your dog who has no confidence in you as the leader of his pack.

No Leadership

Dogs are pack animals. They want to know their pecking order in the hierarchy of your family ‘pack’. When your dog can’t see any clear leader emerging from the pack, it will immediately assume the role itself.

When your dog becomes the leader of the family pack, you may find it very difficult to get him to obey your commands.


A large percentage of dog training problems stem from inconsistency. There is absolutely no point in telling your dog to sit and stay and wait patiently for a treat while you’re in training classes, yet give in to his every whim while you’re at home.

This confuses the dog. He has no idea how he’s supposed to behave and so out of sheer confusion he may simply misbehave just to check your responses.


Many dogs may find the excitement of a walk or a simple dog training session with his owner to be so stimulating after days of boredom that he will cause problems just to keep your attention longer.

This kind of dog training problem is the easiest to fix, but it still takes patients.

Regardless of the cause of your dog training problems, always remember that all dogs respond best to praise and reward. The instant you catch your dog doing anything at all that is considered acceptable behavior, give the command you want your dog to associate with that behavior and immediately praise him and reward him.

Your dog will begin to understand that when he hears your simple commands, if he responds well, he’s going to receive a happy word of praise from you, followed by a treat. In no time you’ll find you have no more dog training problems and a well-behaved dog.

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