Dog Vomiting

Dog Vomiting

Dog vomiting is annoying and messy, and in some cases also damaging for the dog’s health. So how do we stop it? This article considers how to deal with a dog throwing up, and prevent it from happening again.

Many things can cause a dog to vomit. It may be something that they have eaten, and in that case it will probably just happen once. It your dog is vomiting repeatedly, it could be a sign of another disease.

This could include distemper, allergies, parvovirus, worms, or something more serious like hepatitis or kidney disease.  If you are not sure why your dog is having this problem, it would be wise to take a trip to the veterinarian’s office.

Like diarrhea, repeated dog vomiting can lead to dehydration. In some cases this can be fatal. If the vomiting continues and especially if it is accompanied by diarrhea, see the veterinarian for treatment to prevent dehydration. A small dose of Pepto Bismol works on many dogs but you should only give medications with your veterinarian’s approval.

Some dogs just seem to have a delicate digestion that makes them throw up occasionally. It is likely to happen any time they eat too much or get a little over excited after a meal. Kids often do the same thing. If your dog is like this, try feeding them a little less, with more frequent meals. Do not feed them anything but regular dog food or something very bland like plain boiled rice.

Vomiting in dogs is often caused by eating too fast. This often happens when you have more than one dog in the household. They finish their food as fast as possible so the other dogs cannot compete for it. If this is happening in your house, try feeding each dog in a different part of the house.

You can also watch out for signs that the dog is about to vomit so you can cover floors or furniture. Many dogs will salivate a lot, lick their lips and swallow excessively when they are feeling nauseous. They will then start to heave right before the stomach contents come up.

Stop dog vomiting after the first episode by keeping the dog calm. Help him to rest and relax by speaking to him calmly. Do not show any anger or fear about what he has done. In hot weather, try to keep him cool by encouraging him to stay in a cool place or switching on air conditioning. Remove all food and edible toys from his environment for a few hours, and do not exercise him. If he needs to go outside for potty, keep him on a leash, even in the backyard.

After a couple of hours you can offer ice and see if he wants to lick it. If that does not cause a problem, he will probably be ready for some water after 4-6 hours and a small portion of his regular food after 8-12 hours. This will usually prevent a recurrence of dog vomiting.

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