Dogs loyalty

Putting dog’s loyalty on the line

There are many amazing cases of the dog’s loyalty to their human and animal companions. Consider Hawkeye, the dog who lay down alongside the coffin of his Navy SEAL owner in grief. On the other hand Hachiko, the Akita who welcomed his owner at the train station each day when he returned home from work, and after the owner died suddenly, Hachiko came back to the train station at the same time consistently for a long 9 years (There’s a wonderful motion picture called Hachi: A Dog’s Tale featuring Richard Gere about this dog).

Why are dogs too loyal?

A few people would say dogs are loyal since they rely on us for shelter and food , so they are supposed to be kind to us. But, when you begin to notice how dogs respond when their owner and canine companions return after they’ve been away for quite a while or when they do not return at all, you know it is about far more than just food.

Dogs are pack animals. They need to have a place with a pack, whether it is comprised of dogs or people, or basically any animal. You can take a look at these Unlikely Animal Friends videos to see all the various types of companions that dogs will make. Dogs are not loners. When they lose an individual from a pack, even incidentally, they feel that a piece of them is gone.

Adoring animals

Dogs are also affectionate in nature. Their instinct is to need to bond. Dogs that battle or assault have been trained by people to be that way. Dogs need to love and be adored, which I think where it counts is the thing that every one of us needs. They want to be a part of the pack, serve to their pack, and guard their fellow pack individuals.

Dogs have been our most faithful companions and consistent buddies. Dogs are always there for us. They do not care about whether we are famous; they simply adore us for us. Also, we cherish them. On the off chance that you saw .However, we can simply rely on our dogs. But, can our dogs rely on us?

Man’s closest companion

The companionship amongst man and dog has been around for thousands of years. Dogs did not turn into “man’s closest companion” for reasons unknown. They give us love each day without any condition required. So the question is, do we deserve it? We see an excessive number of stories of dogs being abused, dogs being forced to fight, dogs being overbred for extra money, dogs being slaughtered in light of the fact that they do not have homes. Dogs have been Loyal to us. So now it is debt we pay back where its due.

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