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Help your dog to reach his maximum potential

They are man’s best friend for a reason. We love our dogs and they love us back. The unconditional devotion that we get from them is unmatched by just about any other relationship out there. Of course any long time dog owner will agree that a well behaved dog is a happy dog.

It takes little effort to fall head over heels in love with a cute little puppy, and regardless of breed, all puppies can give you a look designed to tug at your heart strings.

Before you know it, you are headed back to your car carrying the puppy, its new collar and leash, a crate, dog food and dish, and some doggy toys. It all seems so simple at the time.

However, owning and training any dog is a responsible business, and unless you lovingly but firmly set the ground rules, your puppy will soon become an uncontrollable youngster that is the source of more frustration than pleasure.

Dog jumping

By training a dog to be obedient you can avoid a lot of the dog problems that novice or inattentive pet parents deal with on a daily basis. Good training requires patience and consistency, but perhaps most important, a desire to help your dog live up to his full potential.

It is very important to keep in mind that a dog who misbehaves is not a bad dog. It is simply a dog that is need of some training. Whether it is a problem with house breaking or barking or even issues with aggression, most dog problems can be solved with the right training. Obedience training also helps to ensure the safety of your furry family member. Dogs that have not been properly trained are more at risk of running off and having terrible accidents. We want our animals to be healthy and happy and this means finding a good balance between attention and obedience.

Of course it is easier to start at a young age. Getting your puppy trained will mean avoiding a lot of dog problems in the future. Professional trainers can be a life saver for dog owners who do not have the skill set or time to give their pet the training it needs. They are equipped to handle just about any issue you may be experiencing with your four legged friend. It is important to keep in mind that disciplining your dog does not by any means mean being cruel or harsh to your pet.

Small breeds need training just as much as larger ones and shouldn’t get away with being naughty. A dog that is obedient and well behaved can bring a lot of love and joy to a household. They are there for us when we need them the most and they deserve the very best that we can provide for them.

To avoid dog problems and guarantee that your dog is the picture of doggy perfection it is vital to give him the right training. If you are not able to be your dog’s disciplinarian then a pro may be able to give him the balance that he needs in order to be our best companion.

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