Housetraining your dog in right way

Housetraining your dog in right way

House training a dog is far more than just having a piece of cake. It requires you to be patient, vigilant, plenty of willingness and above all porosity.

By noting the instructions given below, you can minimize incidents. Almost every dog, especially puppies can have an accident in the house and most likely they can have several of them. Accept it, it is part of living with a puppy.

The more willing you are in following the basic housetraining techniques, the faster your dog will grasp acceptable behavior. It may take some weeks to housetrain your dog, and with small breeds, it may take furthermore time.

Make a routine

Dogs perform best when they are on a regular routine like kids. The schedule makes them aware of time to eat, time to play, and time to eliminate.

Speaking in general, puppy can hold his bladder one hour for each month of age. So if your puppy is 2 months old, he can hold it for about 2 hours. Don’t make it late for him between bathroom breaks, or he will have an accident for sure. If you work outside the home then hire a dog walker to provide your dog his bathroom breaks.

Go outside with your dog frequently

At least go out with him every 2 hours and immediately after he is awaken, during and after his play time, and after his eating time.

Reward your dog when he eliminates outside

Laud your dog or give him a treat but do so immediately after he is done eliminating, not when he comes inside afterwards. This is crucial because rewarding teaches your dog what is expected of him if he eliminates outside. Make sure your dog has finished eliminating before you reward them because dogs can easily be distracted.

Supervise your puppy

Keep an eye on your dog whenever possible. Don’t let them soil in the house.

Attach your puppy with yourself or a nearby place with a leash if you are not actively watching or playing with him. Watch your puppy for any indication of him going to eliminate. Some signs are apparent like sniffing, barking or scratching the door, restlessness, squatting or circling. When you see these signs, grab the leash and take him outside immediately. Afterwards reward him with a treat or praise him.

Oh no not the carpet!!!!!

Always expect you dog or puppy to perform few accidents in the home. It is normal happening in housetraining. Do these things when it happens:

  • Disrupt your dog when you catch him eliminating inside the house.
  • Make an alerting noise (not scare your dog) or say “go outside!” and take him outside to the bathroom spot, praise him or provide some treat afterward his elimination.
  • Don’t treat your dog harshly for eliminating inside the house. Scolding him by taking him to the eliminating spot will only scare him and he will not eliminate in your presence afterwards which means punishment will worsen the condition then doing any good .

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