How to avoid your dog from eating grass

How to avoid your dog from eating grass

Your dog wants to get outside in the yard and as soon as he gets there he is seen with mouthful of grass, which is probably vomited by him later.

It is the common issue faced by most of the dog owners. Truth of the moment, one survey discovered that eating of grass is the most common habit of dogs. But what is the reason for such behavior?

Most of the chances are that there might not be a simple answer to it. Grass is eaten by variety of dogs for different reasons. But trying to find out why your dog is having this issue can help address the behavior.

It is delicious

The point is if your dog loves to eat every food dropped down the table then why would he stop trying different things? It can also be a possibility that your dog is addictive to eat grass because it completes his nutritional needs that the other normal foods aren’t.

Some people have discovered that their dog stops eating grass when they change his diet to high fiber food. If you have in mind that this might be the case with your dog then consult your vet before changing his diet.

He might be bored

Your dog might be eating grass because he don’t have much to do in the yard. Are you giving him some mental challenges or some kind of exercises? Have you ever noticed that your dog is eating grass when you aren’t playing or having any exercise with him?

Well a solution can sometimes be that you give your dog a chewing toy or be devoted to provide him a regular exercise.

Problem might be with his stomach

Professionals believe that eating grass by your dog is a kind of self-medication. If your dog has stomach problems, he will eat grass for a relief. To identify if this is the problem, notice if he has started eating grass suddenly or is he very eager for eating it, But most of the time he is extending the neck and is appearing to perform swallowing motions, and vomits the grass later. This behavior is found to be quite rare because only less than 25 % of dogs vomits the grass after chewing it and only 10 % of dogs appeared to show the sign of feeling sick.

Beware that the stomach distress can in some cases be a clue for something more problematic, like inflammatory bowel disease or gastric reflux. So it is advised to call your vet for an advice.

Still have no clue?


Don’t be distressed. Many vets believe that eating grass is a common dog behavior. While dogs might not be gaining any vital nutrition’s from the grass, it may not prove to be harmful. Unless the grass is not sprayed with harmful pesticides, fertilizers or herbicides.

You can assist your grass eating obsessed dog by using only non-toxic grass treatment products on your lawn.

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