How to make puppy walk with a leash

How to make puppy walk with a leash

Most important thing to keep in mind when training a dog is that there is no fast and hard rules. Some dogs can easily allow to get on a collar and a leash while some don’t. Some people have to place a collar and a leash on the very moment they adopt or get them, particularly if they have a leash laws in apartments and some who lives in a house don’t put leash on their dogs for some months.

Pick the right leash and collar

You are required to have a correct type of a collar and a leash if you want to get you dog to walking. This might sound like an obvious point, but there is a wide range of leash and collars out in the market. For a young puppy, a light flat collar and a light leash is suitable.

Teach him like a children

At initial stage, get your dog used to a collar. Try to prevent such situations where your puppy can get troubled, frightened or even angry. Imply putting on a collar can lead to such situations. So lure your puppy’s attention to something else when placing a collar.

Place a collar when you are out with your puppy in the yard or in home when he is not interacting with you. To avoid him getting irritated by the collar, put it on snug, but avoid rounding it too tight. Put it while he is having a meal or when you are training with him. Soon he will come to acknowledge the use of a collar and a leash.

Make him realize of a leash as a playful thing


Some dog’s gets afraid as soon as you pick up a leash. So time after attaching the leash, let your puppy move on dragging it. Keep watching your dog while doing this in order to prevent him getting tangled on the leash.

Having another dog to play around with your puppy while having a leash on also helps a lot.


Motivate your puppy

When you are holding the leash for the first time don’t attempt to make him walk forcefully. If he do it by an instinct that is appreciating, but if he does not do not pull the leash in order to get him move. Perform everything in a gentle and calm manner. Sometimes just staying still or kneeling down to him while he investigates what is happening is a good decision.

Provide him the ample time to figure out what the leash is and what it does. Let him gain som confidence, in leash and himself. You can use a treat to make him move to you and when he comes near you greet him with treat.

Some dogs can choose not to move on. In such situations go down on your one knee and foster him to come to you for a treat. After that keep on walking again.Have some time and react cool, but remain relentless in what should you do to acquire the goals you want.

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