Potty train puppy

How to potty train a puppy fast

A new puppy is a great addition to almost any family and can grow up into a devoted pet and companion. That’s why it’s important that a puppy is toilet trained effectively so that he’ll be a source of joy rather than a problem that often has to be cleaned up after. If you would like to be successful as you potty train a puppy, it’s critical that you start his training when you bring him home. There are lots of step-by-step methods that could be used to potty train a puppy fast but the easiest will probably be to teach him to take care of his business outside.

The very first thing you need to do, ideally before bringing the puppy home, is deciding exactly where his selected bathroom area should be. The yard, a balcony, or puppy training pad in your bathroom are all effective places provided that he can access them on his own. That will stop the pup from going in the wrong spot simply because somebody wasn’t around to open the door for him.

When you have decided on a designated bathroom area, you need to take him to it the minute you bring him home. In the event that he goes there, praise him verbally and pet him. Do your very best to make it a place that he will want to go back to whenever he has to go. That will encourage positive feelings in your puppy about going to the bathroom there.

Now that you have planted the seed, all you have to do is be certain he uses the bathroom in that specific spot each time. Your pup must be brought to his bathroom spot when he starts displaying signs that he needs to go. These can include squatting, circling around, and in some cases whining.

One of the secrets to potty train a puppy fast is punishing him for going someplace other than his designated area. When he has an accident, firmly say “no” and then take him to his bathroom spot. Don’t hit or punish your puppy or he will try to hide each time he has to go. The accident has to be cleaned up really thoroughly to get rid of the scent that will encourage him to use the bathroom there later on.

Keep up the routine of taking your pup to his spot whenever he needs to use the bathroom and correcting him for going somewhere else. Don’t try to switch your puppy’s designated bathroom area as this will likely confuse him and might mess up his potty training permanently. After a few weeks, your puppy will likely be heading to his bathroom spot each time he has to go.

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