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How to stop your dog pulling on a leash

Among all of us, who are suffering from having a sore shoulder from their dog pulling on a leash and barking down the street?

Oh, so it’s you, you, and you! I can hear your cry out loud and clear. Literally, there are millions of people who have to endure the shame of walking with their misbehaving and barking dog rather than enjoying it.

So why don’t just train your dog to walk alongside you without pulling and enjoying the walk every time with you without any hassle!

This makes sense right? And the good news is that it is not complicated! But like many other things, it can take a little time to master it, but not every time. In fact, sometimes you can master it in just 5 minutes as expert Dog Trainer, Doggy Dan, Demonstrates in this video:

Let me first clear the air regarding the key mistakes that people make while walking with their dog.

As I mentioned earlier, there are dozens of tricks for making your dog walking on a leash beside you. And if you have a determined dog, then you may have to know all of them to master the walk.

The key to success is to keep your dog calm while heading out to the garden, not a raging bull like the dog shown in the video because walking him calmly on the leash will become more difficult than if he is calm.

1. Calming your dog

Think about how you leave the house. Do you just bring out the leash and your dog starts jumping around, wagging his tail and demanding you to put a leash on him so that he get even more excited?

Well, the reason is quite simple. You are promoting his excited behavior by letting him take the lead. And your dog gets even more extreme and this behavior may not stop. The same thing happens when your dog drags you to the front door to take him for a walk.

So next time when you are taking him for a walk, just pick up the leash and keep on doing what you were doing, ignoring your dog’s antics in order to make him calm. If he does not get calm, simply put the leash away or on a table.

It may seem like you are not progressing forward but trust me, your dog will get the hang of it and become calm. Having a slow progress is a lot better than getting dragged by your dog on the streets for the next 10 years!

2. Change direction

See and figure out where your dog wants to move. if he wants to move left then you go right. Similarly, if he is pulling you while walking ahead, change your direction. gradually your dog will get to know who is the pack leader and follow you on.

3. Choos appropriate device

Look in the market for the right device that can help you in getting your dog to heel. In above video, Doggy Dan is using a harness with the attachment placed under the dog’s chin rather than on his back because you do not want your dog to end up pulling you like a cart horse!

4. Keep in mind, the pack leader always leads

It is pack leader’s duty to lead the way. If you are not considered as the pack leader in your dog’s eyes, he will fight his way to take that spot. You cannot cheat a dog especially if he is determined and strong one. Learning how to become the pack leader is a whole different topic on its own and Lucy you, it is the basis of Doggy Dan’s World-Renown training method. He has made % Golden Rules, which if followed, can make you a gentle and calm Pack Leader.

He points out that it is a significant factor to establish yourself as a pack leader using the 5 Golden rules as they help in solving nearly all dog behavioral problems.

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