How to tackle your dog’s aggression immediately

How to tackle your dog’s aggression immediately

There are few things people love as much is a friendly, happy dog. A dog that exhibits aggressive behavior is another matter entirely.

Dog aggression is something that every pet owner should take seriously and correct as soon as their animal begins to exhibit any unwanted habits.

An aggressive dog can lead to injuries to other animals, children, and even adults and can put the owners at risk for lawsuits. Many owners look the other way if it is a small dog that is acting aggressively.

The truth is, regardless of the animal size, dog aggression is dangerous for both the dog and people.

If a dog growls or snarls at its owner, it should be corrected immediately. The owner must speak firmly and reestablish dominance over the animal.

Dogs, like wolves, are pack animals that follow a very clear leadership structure. If a dog is under the impression that it is the dominant animal in its pack then it will behave aggressively towards anyone and everyone else that encroaches on its turf. Dog aggression is especially evident when strangers come to visit. A dog may become overly protective of its home and yard and react violently to intruders.

Of course, not all dog aggression is directed at humans. It is possible for a dog to be loving and friendly towards all people that it encounters but behave aggressively and violently towards other dogs. If an individual notices that one or more of his dogs is exhibiting signs of aggression at feeding time then it will be necessary to follow a few simple steps.

The easiest way to eliminate any aggression between dogs when it is time to eat is to feed each animal separately. Once the animals have finished eating, the owner should immediately remove the food bowls.

Control dog

The best way to avoid dog aggression of any kind is to keep a dog well exercised. Dogs often become extremely territorial when they are bored or have too much pent-up energy. Taking the dog on a regular walks through the neighborhood so that it can become acquainted with the people and animals that live around it will help curb this unwanted behavior. Just like people, exercise also tends to wear a dog out.

They are less likely to behave aggressively if they simply do not have the energy for it. Whether it is a large dog or a small lapdog, aggression is something that must be stamped out as soon as possible.

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