How To Train Dog To Come

How To Train Dog To Come

How to train dog to come when their name is called is one of the most important “tricks” or skills that you will ever be able to teach your dog.

Dogs cherish their freedom to wander and explore all of the places and different scents that interest them so. Teaching the “come” when called is taking that little freedom away (so they think). Therefore, in the beginning you will have to make it very rewarding to get them to come.

When you begin to train dog to come, be in a fairly confined area. A living room or small fenced yard or is good. Make yourself the most interesting thing around.

Call your dog by name and then say “come”. When your dog eventually comes to you give some treats followed by lots of praise. In time praise will be all that is needed because you will slowly eliminate the treats every time that your dog responds positively.

The basic method for how to train dog to come is to keep the lessons short and stay positive. If you yourself are becoming bored or impatient, you can rest assured that the lesson is going on way too long.  A dog doesn’t have a very long attention span. Use lots of praising and hugging to end the lesson.

At the beginning of the training, you are likely to use a somewhat firmer tone of voice than you usually would use with your dog, and your dog will no doubt think you are mad at her for something. This will make her confused and anxious. Keep your voice happy and light. Help your dog to understand that she is not in trouble.

If finding a small confined area is difficult, keep a long leash on your dog at first. Otherwise she take off and run so far that she cannot hear you or just ignore you, and you will be forced to chase(this is the last thing that you would want to happen). A long leash will not allow them from getting that far away.

Try to avoid having other people or dogs in the area that you are training your dog in. They are distractions that your dog will more than likely find more interesting than you. Make sure that your dog understands that you are the one she should be listening to.

Dogs really want to please. Make sure that you let it be known that you are pleased when she does what you want. Soon playing off leash in the park will be no problem at all because you will have a recall that you can count on.

Allow your dog her freedom a little at a time. When she comes when asked, use lots of praise and shower her with all kinds of love. There are all kinds of tips available on how to train dog to come, but the one thing to be aware of is to keep re-peating the same basic method.

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