Is your dog whining Here is how to stop it

Is your dog whining? Here is how to stop it

Learning how to stop a dog whining is easiest when you understand the cause of the whining in the first place. There are many reasons why a dog may whine and it’s important to understand the different sounds and pitches of your dog’s whine in order to help rectify it.

Sudden Whining

If your dog has never whined before and suddenly begins, you may have a dog that is in pain or sick and is trying to tell you that something’s wrong. Never punish a dog that is trying to communicate hurt to you. Try to figure out what’s hurting your dog so to make him whine and take him to a vet. This kind of sudden whining doesn’t need training. It needs attention.

Fear Whining

Some dogs whine out of fear. They worry that they’ve been abandoned by the pack and they want to be rescued. This often happens with puppies or young dogs left alone or outside for long periods of time and they begin to worry that you’ve left them for good. Some dogs may even whine out of fear for storms or loud noises or something that’s frightened them.
Don’t punish a dog that is whining out of fear. You risk making your dog even more anxious and fretful, which could make the problem worse.

Separation Anxiety Whining

Learning how to stop your dog whining after you leave the home and are separated from him for any length of time is an anxiety issue. Teaching a dog to overcome separation anxiety needs patience and persistence.

Begin by leaving your dog outside for a short period of time. Give him toys and perhaps even scatter some kibble around the yard for him to hunt. This helps occupy his mind and take his attention off you not being there. Be sure your dog can see you walking around inside the house, but don’t pay any attention to him. If he whines at the door, walk to another room. When the whining stops, walk around in his view again, but pay no attention to him just yet.

When he’s been alone for a short time and the whining seems to have settled down, let him come back in again. Gradually increase the length of time he’s left alone and eventually he will realize that you always come back for him.

Attention Whining

Some dogs whine for your attention. Many owners struggle with how to stop a dog whining once they’ve established that it gets their master’s attention. Unfortunately, if your dog already knows that every time he whines, you’ll give him a pat or a treat, he’ll keep doing it and it may even get worse.

The object is not to reward your dog for whining in the first place. Your dog will need to understand that you’re happy to play, pat him, take him for a walk and feed him, but only if he’s not whining.

If he begins whining as you’re serving his meal, stop what you’re doing and turn your back. When the whining stops, you can begin serving the meal again. Continue this until your dog understands that whining doesn’t help.

This is also true when your dog is demanding your attention or affection. Don’t reward the behavior by reaching down to pat him or soothe him. Turn your back and tell him to sit. When the whining stops, you can feel free to praise him and lavish attention on him.

There are many ways how to stop a dog whining, but the biggest tip you can learn is patience and understanding of what’s making your dog whine in the first place.

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