Dog bites

Make dog biting stop at early age

It has been estimated that four and a half million of united states citizens are bitten by dogs annually and one fifth are the unlucky ones who have to get medical attention to treat their wounds. Children are the usual victims as half of the total bite wound victims are children under the age of thirteen. Children are severely injured victims because of their small size and their unawareness about how to behave in front of a dog.Common dog bites are while interacting with familiar dogs, and so it is very important to teach people how to prevent dog bites.

When a dog nips or bites, even when playing, it is a warning sign of possible future aggression problems.

It is important for owners to stop dog biting as soon as they notice it in order to avoid potential issues down the road. Even puppies can be trained that it is unacceptable to bite or nip at humans or other animals.

What makes biting such a difficult task to overcome is the fact that dogs explore with their mouths in much the same way as humans do with their hands. This means that an owner must put a stop to this instinctive, and sometimes innocent, problem before it gets out of hand.

As with any other dog training technique, the methods used to stop dog biting require an owner to be consistent and patient. Whether it is a puppy or an adult dog, this behavior cannot be stopped within just a few hours. The dog will likely have to be corrected and the accepted behavior will have to be reinforced continuously until the dog understands what is expected from him.

If a dog bites when it is excited or during play, and owner may want to mimic the sound a dog makes when it is injured. This will inform the dog that it is causing harm.

Stop puppy biting – the biggest mistake you’re making

Another good way to stop dog biting during play is to immediately remove whatever toys are being used and ignore the dog. This particular method is especially effective on puppies. When a dog is young there are few things that it enjoys more than playing with its owners.

If a puppy starts to bite or nip during play, the owner should remove the toy and immediately stop playing. This will reinforce to the animal that biting causes playtime to stop right away. The dog will quickly learn that if it wants to play, it will have to behave itself.

Since, as stated before, dogs explore with their mouths, it will be necessary for a dog owner to reinforce positive behavior. This will mean praising the dog when it licks or sniffs someone rather than biting. Because dog aggression is so dangerous, every owner, whether their animal is a puppy, a lapdog, or a large adult dog, should place a priority on correcting this potentially dangerous behavior.

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