Make dog training fun for you and your dog

Make dog training fun for you and your dog

Dog training is not just about basic obedience. If you’d like to make things a little bit more fun, for you and your dog both, try throwing in some tricks along the way. This may boost your dog training significantly, providing some variation and keeping you and your dog from becoming bored with the standard obedience training.

Rather than just teaching your dog to “sit” for instance, try training your dog to sit “pretty”. The sitting pretty trick has your dog sit on his or her rear end with their front paws in the air, sitting rather more like a person would. It’s like the beg technique, except that your dog’s rear should be on the ground.

The most effective way to teach a dog to sit pretty is using food. Use the food to lure the dog into the correct position, by first having them sit and then moving the food over their head and just beyond reach so that they must straighten out their back and reach up for it. Remember this is more about having your dog lean back and sit tall than it is about having them stand up.

Once your dog appears to have this position down you can begin to include the word “pretty” each time they do it in the correct way. Folk often make the gaffe in their dog training of issuing oral commands too early, before the dog is doing the proper thing at all, thus confusing them. Only begin to utilize the command when you are pleased with your dog’s position. Keep practicing, dog training is not something you pick up straight away but instead with experience.

Before you know it, your dog will make a response to the command all by itself, sitting pretty when you ask, even often without a food reward. Truthfully, your dog is cheerful simply to please you, and that is regularly rewarding enough.

Having fun while training your dog is maybe the most significant dog training lesson you might ever learn.

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