Seven tips for successful house training

Seven tips for successful house training

House training a dog should be easy if the dog is healthy and you are consistent. Whether it be a new puppy or an adult dog that needs some reminding, the method is the same. With this research, you will get to know seven tips for successful house training your dog no matter what the age of the dog is. The point is just to teach them the correct place for them to take care of their business of going to the potty.

  1. If you are potty training a puppy you will need to decide the kind of reward the puppy will receive from you for their good behavior. That is the first step and usually, the answer from you to the dog is yes followed by a special treat. When the understanding between you and the puppy about the approval is understood then you can start with the potty training.
  2. Your encouragement of the dog to go outside first thing in the morning and after they eat a meal or during playtime or exercise will be a good way to show them the right thing to do. If anything exciting happens or if a stressful situation happens to make sure you look for signs that they may need to potty. Most of them will circle around or sniff the floor or squat and this behavior is usually repeated every time.
  3. Pick out a place for him in the backyard that you want him to go and lead him to that spot and stay with him. It’s good if it’s a place he has used himself before. If he does what he is supposed to then speak praise to the dog when he does it and then reward him when he is through.
  4. If nothing happens when you take him outside then come back inside and watch him close, then try again as soon as you see signs.
  5. If you have an older dog that has been potty trained and for some reason can’t make it outside now then you can put down a newspaper for him to go on and just show him what he is supposed to do. You may have to pick him up and physically put him on the paper when he looks like he needs to go. You can reward him for going on the paper being very gentle with his feelings.
  6. If you have to leave your pet alone leave them somewhere where you don’t mind so much if they make a mess. And of course, leave the newspaper.
  7. Never show anger to a dog that has had an accident or show them that you are unhappy about where they went to potty. The only result this has is scaring the dog, making them hide behind the furniture to do their business. They might even start hiding their accidents from you and you won’t be able to clean up the mess.

Also remember sometimes with puppies they seem to get upset tummies quite frequently so be patient with them and remember they don’t know. It’s all new to them.

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