Keep dog busy

Some Ways to keep your dog busy

Finding the time to have ample activity and exercise with your dog can prove to be challenging, especially if you are unable to go outside due to weather or other stuff. You need to find Some Ways to keep your dog busy.

Here is a list of indoor activities and games that do not require any equipment or a special kind of toy. You and your dog along with a bit of creativity are enough to make it happen.

The which hand game

This is a game which can help you in determining the scent instinct of your dog. You are only required to have some treats. If you do not have a treat, you can use vegetables or fruits or if you have read the previous article “BAKING HEALTHY FOOD FOR YOUR DOG” you can make some treats by yourself.

How to play this game:

  • Have a treat in one hand.
  • Close your fists and bring it closer to your dog.
  • Let your dog decide which hand it is in.
  • If he paws or sniffs the correct hand, give him the treat.
  • Do not discourage your dog if he makes a mistake by choosing the wrong hand,
  • Giving your dog a gentle command can be helpful.

Dogs have remarkable noses but they need to utilize it correctly.

Play hide and seek

Make your dog sit and wait until you find yourself a hiding spot. Afterwards call your dog and when he finds you, greet him with a treat.

The 3 cup game

This game is also known as the shell game. You have to place a treat in one of the three cups placed in front of your dog and let him choose the correct one. After some repetitions when your dog gets the hang of it,  shuffle up the cups so that your dog does not just have to focus visually to find the correct cup.

Have a workout along the stairs

If you are a lazy person who does not exercise regularly, then your dog can also be like you. You can use stairs as an exercise as your dog follows you along the stairs as you move up and comes back down. If your dog is not clumsy, you can also try playing fetch with him on stairs.

Find the treats

Grab some treats having a strong scent and make your dog stay while you go and hide these treats around the house. Initially use easy hiding spots and gradually choose difficult to find hiding spots until your dog gets used to using his nose.

Teach your dog the names of his toys

Begin playing with a particular toy and give it a name while you are playing with your dog. After playing with it for some time and praising your dog along that time, your dog will learn the name you have chosen for that toy. When your dog gets accustomed to the name of that specific toy, Test his memory skills by letting him choose that toy among his various kind of toys.

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