Teaching Your Dog To Sit

Teaching Your Dog To Sit

The sit command is one of the basic commands that any dog owner should teach his dog. When you can get your dog to sit on command he will be more attentive to you and more obedient.

Plus, the sit command is the basis for many other commands so starting your training with this command makes good sense.

Teaching your dog to sit is probably one of the easiest commands and will help you establish a good training regimen with your pet.  Here are some simple tricks to make this training little bit easier:

  1. Stand facing your dog and say the word “Sit” in a firm tone.  Of course, at first your dog will probably have no idea what you want him to do and you may need to give him a clue by performing the action listed in step two.
  2. Take one of your dog’s favorite treats and stand facing your dog. Hold the treat above his head slightly and move it back towards his rear. This should cause the dog to look and follow the treat with his head which will actually make him sit. As he is sitting say the word “Sit”.  Then praised him and give him the treat.
  3. Sometimes, instead of sitting, the dog will back up and, if your dog tends to do this, you want to try step 2 with your dog in the corner of the room so that he can’t back up because the wall is in the way – that way he will have no choice but to sit.
  4. If your dog is just not getting it, you may need to push on the dogs rear end, near the tail, as you issue the command.  Your goal is to get the dog to sit on his own while you are issuing the “Sit” command.

It might take you a few tries to get a series of steps that work for you, but once you have figured out how to get your dog to sit, you simply need to repeat this series of steps over and over.

The idea is to get the dog to associate the word “Sit” with the action of sitting and to know that he will be rewarded for it.  Eventually, you can try the “Sit” command without moving the treat back or pushing on his rear.

As with any training, patience and persistence is key.  Try training your dog at the same time every day but don’t make the sessions last too long or your dog will get bored.

Another thing to remember is to always say the command in the same way so that it is clear to your pet what you want him to do.

Teaching your dog to sit can be a fun task and a bonding experience – attack it with a positive attitude and you will notice that both you and your dog look forward to your training sessions every day!

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