Tips for successful Housetraining

Tips for successful Housetraining

House training a dog is not that different from house training a puppy in that both require the owner to have patience as their animal masters this new skill. Like humans, dogs prefer to live in a clean environment.

This means that a dog will prefer to relieve itself as far away from the area that it sleeps and lives in as possible. In this regard, teaching a dog to eliminate outdoors is in keeping with its natural instincts.

There are, of course, a few things the owner can do to help reinforce this behavior and encourage the dog to go outside.

House training a dog is much easier if a person understands that dogs generally like to eliminate after drinking or eating. This means that a dog should be taken outside as soon as it has finished its meal. This does not mean, however, that the dog will go as soon as it steps outside.

It may take time and the owner will have to patiently wait until the dog is finished. It is easier to get the dog on a regular schedule if it is given food and water at the same time each day. Allowing the dog to eat and drink whatever it wants throughout the day will make it more difficult to house train.

Cute beagle dog looking at a toilet sign

One thing that many people did not fully understand the past was that negative reinforcement did not make house training a dog easier. In fact, it had the exact opposite effect. A dog should be rewarded when it does what its owner wants rather than punished when it makes a mistake. It is fine to give the dog a firm “no” if it is caught relieving itself in doors, but rubbing the animals knows in the mess or striking it will only make the process more difficult.

Providing a crate for the dog to sleep in at night will also make house training a dog much easier. As stated before, dogs will avoid relieving themselves were they sleep if at all possible. If the dog sleeps in a crate it will definitely not want to relieve itself in there. It is also good idea to avoid any food or water after about 7 PM.

A dog owner should also avoid changing the dog’s brand of food if possible since this can cause the dog to get an upset stomach which can easily lead to accidents. Finally, a dog owner should keep a close eye on the animal’s behavior. A dog that is sniffing around needs to go outside.

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