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Yorkie Potty Training Tips

If you have owned a Yorkie for any length of time then the news that follows should be of no surprise to you: Yorkie potty training can be very difficult.

That does not mean that it’s not possible, but stories of dog owners who bring home their new pet and have it trained in a couple of weeks will probably never be YOUR story.
Part of the reason that Yorkies may be a bit more difficult to potty train is that they are a smaller dog. Smaller dogs have smaller bladders and therefore are physically not able to “hold it” until their owners are able to let them outside.

Still, for some reason, Yorkies are even more difficult to train than other small breed dogs, so the size is only part of the problem. Even though potting training this breed of dog presents an extra challenge, there are plenty of tips and tricks that you can try.

These are not tips that are unique to the Yorkie and will work for training any breed of dog. When dealing with a Yorkie, however, you must add in an extra measure of patience.

Here are a few potty training tips.

Ring, Ring!

When potty training a Yorkie, you need to let him outside as soon as he needs to go to the bathroom. Since he cannot speak, you need to find a way that he can communicate his need so that you can immediately respond. Using bells is one way to do that.

Every time you let your Yorkie outside, ring the bells. The point of doing that is so that your dog begins to associate the sound of the bells with being let outside. The bells that you use should be able to hang on the doorknob. They must hang low enough that the Yorkie can reach them.

When he heads to the door, jingle the bells before you let him out. Eventually, the hope is that he will start to jingle the bells when he needs to go out. This will allow you to respond immediately and, hopefully, help reduce the number of accidents.

Crate Training

Crate training is perhaps one of the most effective methods of potty training a dog. Because dog’s do not want to eliminate in the same place that they sleep, they will almost always wait to be let out before going to the bathroom.

The crate must be of a size that is not too big and not too small. The Yorkie must be able to easily stand up and turn around in the crate but be small enough that he cannot use one end for sleeping and other for going to the bathroom.

Note: Before using the crate for potty training, the Yorkie first must be properly crate trained. The crate must be a place of comfort for the dog, so take the extra time to properly crate train your Yorkie before using the crate as a tool in potty training.

Expect Accidents

Expect accidents especially during potty training, but even after you think potty training is complete. As mentioned earlier,

Yorkies are difficult to fully housebreak. They often continue to have occasional accidents throughout their lives. Expect accidents and plan for them in whatever way is best for you.

This may include providing puppy pads or even having your Yorkie don a doggy diaper.

Yorkie potty training methods are not different from methods for training other dogs. What is different is the amount of time and patience it may take to get the job done.

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